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Round Trip OZ Investments, with Jeff Feinstein & OpportunityDb

What happens to opportunity zone capital if the qualified opportunity zones fund sells? And how does reinvestment of those proceeds from that sale occur before the end of a 10-year holding period? These questions and more present unique opportunities for alternative investment options with significant tax benefits.

Check out the Opportunity Zones podcast for those answers and read more at this link.

Episode Highlights

  • Who is eligible to benefit from the OZ tax incentives.
  • What gains are eligible for deferral, when investments in Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOF) must be made.
  • How to transact a sale and recycle the original gain within an OZ investment in order to maintain qualified opportunity zone investment status.
  • How qualified opportunity funds can remain an option for deferral of capital gains within noted time frames.
  • Timeline of the tax benefits, operational requirements of the fund, and exit strategies.
  • Multifamily as the largest asset class within the opportunity zone wrapper.
  • How to achieve the full tax benefits in the 10-year hold period.