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Build-To-Rent Strategies In Opportunity Zones

Build-To-Rent Strategies In Opportunity Zones, With Leo Backer & Jason Joseph


Given the existing macroeconomic landscape, the build-to-rent residential asset class is poised for growth. Pinnacle Partners Co-Founder Leo Backer and Trilogy Investment Company CEO Jason Joseph joined OpportunityDb to discuss positive trends in build-to-rent, and why it fits so well within an Opportunity Zone dynamic.

Episode Highlights

  • An update on Pinnacle Partners OZ Fund VIII, and the reason for the shift into build-to-rent strategy.
  • How build-to-rent (BTR) is defined, and how it differs from multifamily and single-family rental (SFR).
  • Who the typical residents of a BTR community are.
  • Markets that Leo and Jason are bullish on for BTR communities.
  • Structural and cyclical trends that may help bolster the BTR asset class.

See the full recording and transcript from OpportunityDb here.